Unbeatable Knowledge and German Expertise

The expertise area of Personal Fitness Training not only allows people to become lean and fit in a very efficient way, but also it can be a great remedy for almost every kind of orthopaedic pains and diseases.

To top up our services we decided to study LnB Painless & Motion LnB doctrine in combination with rehabilitation fitness. Starting to bring on those services in Hamburg, Germany, with big success from 2009.

LnB Painless Reforming the World Of Therapy

That specific therapy has a succes quote of almost 90% in long term general pain reduction without taking drugs or additonal medicine. After working on equalizing muscular dysbalances in particular parts of the body through the LnB Painless Therapy, we afterwards run a second step: The LnB Motion Recovery System. 

That training system will help you to maintain your new painless well-being. Learn more about the way the system works.

Procedure of the LnB Painless treatment

The LnB Painless treatment is a form of manual therapy at which muscles and fascial tissue are treated in combination with specific stretching and excercises. Thus it consists not only of the component of the treatment itself but of a part where you help yourself on your own.

Treatable pain symptoms

Here you find an overview of the prevalent pain symptoms and diseases we are able to treat with LnB Painless. If you do not find your individual pain below, there is no need to worry, because at a possibility of 97% your pain will be a warning pain which we can treat with LnB Painless. 

LnB Painless - explained briefly

Scientific Proof of LnB Painless