Group Fitness is also a very popular type of workout. Usually driven by theme matching music, it shifts your motivation and ability to work effectively. Additionally doing fitness with friends or other people joining in, makes group fitness classes an uplifting experience, too.

Offering almost every kind of group class

With our expertises we are able to cover loads of imaginable classes. Up to 10 participants are possible and locations can be everywhere on the island - beaches, Tennis courts, private Villas and of course our private Gym area. We provide equipment like mats, pilates balls, tubes and a transportable music system.

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content group fitness toolsPossible Classes:

We handle the fee very fair, though you only have to pay for trainer per hour, that means the more participants take part, the cheaper it becomes for one. Group Fitness classes start from 80.-€ per hour.

In case you feel for something special, we can create your own tailor-made group fitness experience. Favorite music tracks, favorite content, just for you. 

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